1. "Our brains were not designed for reading, but have adapted and created new circuits to understand letters and texts. The brain reads by constructing a mental representation of the text based on the placement of the page in the book and the word on the page. The tactile experience of a book aids this process, from the thickness of the pages in your hands as you progress through the story to the placement of a word on the page. 

    Source: http://mic.com/articles/99408/science-has-great-news-for-people-who-read-actual-books

  3. "Asphyxia" by Flora Borsi 

  4. (Source: morfema)

  5. amospoe:

    “In my end is my beginning” 
    ― Mary Queen Of Scots

    (drawing: christopher williams)

  7. lapitiedangereuse:

    Preparatory Studies for Goldfinger Title Sequence

  8. Shimizu Asako “On Her Skin” 

  9. marahoffman:

    Mara Hoffman Spring 2015 RTW Details

  11. les-immersions:

    Laura Letinsky

  12. nyctransformed:

    97_Andrascik, Katy, Gold Subway- L-train, 4.11.14

  13. nyctransformed:

    77_Sword, Kristi, Brooklyn, various locations

  14. nyctransformed:

    20_Ariela Kader, Union Square, Lincoln Center, 14th Street (Ave A - 8th Ave), Central Park, 13th street  (Between University Pl and 5 Ave), Time Square, etc., 2012 - Present

  15. Goodbye.